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POW·R PC Desktop Solutions

Custom Configured Desktops Solutions:

Check Out the POW·R PC Lenovo Mini-Site for more lenovo Desktop Products!

Custom desktops are individually configured and client network deployment ready...that's the POW·R PC difference!

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POW·R PC Specializes in Unique Solutions...High End Workstations

Certain environments and applications need specialized Workstation installs. Whether it be a CADS, 3D or graphics workstation, POW·R PC can provide you with the power and reliability you need for memory and graphic instensive tasks.

We can either customize a soultion for you or provide you with the reliability and quality of a Lenovo ThinkCentre Workstation.

POW·R PC Lenovo Mini-Site

POW·R PC can design and implement IP Cam systems for monitoring and security purposes.

In today's environment surveillance and the ability to view security sensitive areas has become a necessity. POW·R PC has implemented various PC surveillance systems in a multitude of situations ranging from restaurants to industrial settings.

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Specialized Systems - DVR Surveillance

The recording and/or monitoring with up to 16 cameras, audio and DVD quality video. We have supplied high end specialized DVR systems to a major university for both academic and sports usage.

POW·R PC…Where service does not stop with the sale!

When making decisions on technology products, THE PRICE is only one of many components that should be of concern to the consumer. The available service and the technical support offered, with the ability to resolve problems quickly and answer questions, all add up to overall customer satisfaction. That is why THE PRICE is not the ONLY important consideration you need to analyze in your purchasing decision.

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