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"Connecticut Light & Power says it is far more ready to handle major-scale storms like last year's devastating October snow, but the utility is urging customers — especially small business owners — to prepare, too."—Edward Goldberg, disaster recovery manager for CL&P—Hartford Courant August 27, 2012

Disaster Preparation—Are You Prepared?

2011 was certainly eventful  from a weather standpoint for Connecticut. . If you lived here last year you experienced living through Hurricane Irene in August and a freak snowstorm in October.  Both left their mark on the business landscape through prolonged electricity, phone and internet outages.  Some of our clients were down for a matter of hours and some for over ten days.  It was tough to do business  and the entire local economy suffered.  The one sure thing that can be told  from this experience is it will likely happen again, and probably more often than you thought—so be PREPARED! Oct Snow Storm

Given this current landscape of the weather patterns, an ageing utility infrastructure, economic downsizing and relying on electronic data storage, this should lead you to one important conclusion. Any sized business MUST have a Disaster Preparedness Plan in place!  Simple or complex you need something.  Just as you lock the doors, turn out the lights or fire up the coffee pot every working day, a Disaster Preparedness Plan is a MUST!  It is a business owner's self-insurance policy to get their business back up-and-running and stay in business when others cannot.

You can start by asking yourself  some simple questions to get started:

  1. Do I have an evacuation plan?
  2. Where do the employees muster?
  3. How do I contact my employees if I cannot get to work?
  4. How do I contact my clients if I cannot get to work?
  5. How do I contact my vendors if I cannot get to work?
  6. How do I get to my financial information?
  7. How do I contact my insurance company and where is my policy?
  8. What happens when the power goes out?
  9. What happens when my telephone system goes down?
  10. What happens when my Internet goes down and how long can I survive without it?

The answer to these and of course many more questions will be the beginning of Your Plan!

Tips from POWR·RC on steps you can take to be prepared for events.

To get started here are a few links which aid you in your quest to be prepared:

Open for Business Disaster Preparation Guide

POW·R PC's advice is “Get started today, Do not delay!”.
Take control of your business future by planning today.

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