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      • Burn-in of POW·R PC systems prior to delivery and FREE Initial In-Home Setup and Training.
      • POW·R PC systems take your specifications and give you the flexibility for upgrading in the future.
      • No Busy Signal or Long Wait 800 numbers-We return calls the same day!
      • Convenient On-Site Support or Pickup and Delivery of your PC (local Connecticut customers only).
      • POW·R PC Prices ALWAYS Come with SERVICE!
      • POW·R PC strives to give the MOST PRODUCT for your MONEY. We add value to your purchase by installing the latest drivers, newest utilities, latest versions or updates, etc.
      • POW·R PC cares about OUR CUSTOMERS!
      • POW·R PC gives you more by installing the most up-to-date components, software and drivers to ensure that your system is operating at its optimum.
      • POW·R PC takes PRIDE in what we do so you get the BEST PRODUCT with QUALITY components installed accompanied by FULL FACTORY WARRANTIES.

Typical manucaturer warranties include: Memory—Lifetime, LCD Monitor—3 years, Harddrives—3 years/Exnterprise Harddrives—5 years, Intel Processors & Motherboards—3 years, Power supplies range from 1 year to lifetime


When you purchase a PC or server, THE PRICE is only one of many components that should be of concern to the consumer. The available service, the technical support offered, the ability to resolve problems and answer questions all add up to overall customer satisfaction. That is why THE PRICE is not the only important item that you need to consider when making a purchasing decision.Here at POW·R PC, we aim to give you the best price and service that go beyond your expectations.

Blue Screen of Death
Famous Blue Screen of Death

The following table shows some examples of how we accomplish this:

Typical Problem
POW·R PC Services
DOA Unit Burn-in, Testing O/S, No OEM Loads
System incorrectly set up On-site business delivery and setup (local customers only)
Software setup or failure Client Software pre-loaded and tested prior to delivery
User education and system use On-site training

Many manufacturers offer good prices for their products but have trouble fulfilling their service commitment. POW·R PC stands behind the product 100% and will replace any component that fails within one year of delivery. That is service you can rely on!
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