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SMB (Small Business 10 to 100 employees), Micro-Business (with 9 or less employees) and SOHO (Small Office/Home Office) clients need a competitive edge in order to compete with larger corporations. They need to maintain a technical balance with vendors and clients. Additionally, they need to remain within budgetary constraints of their revenue stream.

At POW·R PC, we provide cost effective Small Business IT Solutions which allow small companies to maintain their technological edge.

POW·R PC works with clients to ensure a smooth transition into the latest hardware and software. Our years of business experience, coupled with our technical expertise, give us unique capabilities to guide the small business client into utilizing the latest technology.

POW·Managed Services:

POW·R PC, is now making available to our clients all of the above services in order to allow a greater level of security in data retention and restore capabilities.  Here are the details on each service:

  1. POW·R Managed Backups—comes to two versions; server/NAS backups and Desktop backups.  Costs are Server/NAS $600.00 per year ($50.00 per month).  Desktop $300 per year ($25.00 per month). Requirements NovaBackup 12.0 or higher Pro, Server or Business Essentials.
  2. POW·R Offsite Backups—backup of critical and essential data offsite at a secure location with data encryption.  Prices range from $2.50 per GB with up to 10GB allocation ($300.00 per year) to $1.50 per GB with 100GB allocated ($1800.00 per year). Requirement POW·R Offsite Backup client.
  3. POW·R Replication—replication of either selected or all data residing on Client NAS to a POW·R PC NAS storage device with RAID5, a dedicated Internet connection, UPS failover and monitoring of the replicated data.  Costs range from $1.00 per GB with 50GB allocation ($600.00 per year) to $.030 per GB for max of 500GB ($1800.00 per year).  Requirement Client-owned Buffalo Technology TeraStation.
  4. POW·R Imaging—imaging onsite of critical systems to backup location, performed weekly or monthly depending on situation.  Requirement Active@ Disk Image Professional.
  5. Microsoft Exchange OnlineWork Smarter, Anywhere! Email that is built for anytime, anywhere productivity.

Our Range of Services Include:

Small Business IT Support Package Includes:

      • Quality Service—We pride ourselves on solving your problems!
      • Affordable Rates—Rates small businesses can afford.
      • Prompt Service—Quick & efficient onsite & offsite service for clients of any size.
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